Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm excited!

The meeting with the school went really well.   All I can think is - right place at the right time.  We live in a town that people are MOVING INTO to get the services offered by the local school system.  Families often have to fight to get the services their kids need (thanks to mucho budget cuts) but in our town families tend to get MORE than requested.  The school is also flexible about days/hours he will be there - full days, half days, a combo of both.  It's a huge preschool program  that serves our entire school region, and all staff in the classrooms are master's level.   He will have a full evaluation in a few months (cognitive, speech, motor, self help) and an observation at his daycare.  The staff, our EI staff, and myself will develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) based on  his needs.
We are so lucky lucky lucky.  Schools can really make or break a family - having to fight for what your kid needs can be draining, frustrating - many families even need attorneys.  And I am so unbelievably happy to know that he will be going to a great school. Owen loves and adores going to his daycare, and I think the mesh of school based services, helping him in his natural school environment, combined with socialization is going to be great for his overall development.  My favorite part of the meeting was when the director looked at Owen and said "Looks like you have a lot of work to do!"  I thought - YES! Challenge him, push him, help him develop to his full potential!
I have another to relief, to be honest.  I asked what school he would be attending for elementary school and he would probably be at another program out of town.  I initially had heard it would be at Bridget's school, and this worried me.  I am glad she will have her own place, her own school.  I know it won't always be easy for her, and I'm glad she have a place all her own that she won't have to share, a place where she can just be Bridget.
Definitely some relief for this mom.

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