Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My heart still belongs to the Woo...

I clicked this link on the google news page last night and to my happy surprise, this happened in my home town! This is a great story of the kindness, acceptance and generosity of others.  And at the Catholic school even!!!


  1. I saw this yesterday, a little light is always welcome in my cold, dark heart...

  2. I have a 22 year old special needs daughter, Annie. I have learned more about myself and life than I ever dreamed possible. I would not have been able to type the letters you've chosen for the name of your blog. My son came home from private school one day and proceeded to have a total meltdown that required my having to sit on his legs in order to get him to tell me what was wrong. He finally gave in and said that kids at his school used the words retard and retarded all the time and that he never wants any of them to ever come to our house because they would make fun of his sister. Annie is our family's gift. She keeps us real.

  3. I am sorry your son had to endure that, and I also fear my daughter will experience that also someday. As ugly as the words in the title of the blog are, they are also the unfortunate "truth" of how the world may judge him. I hope by yelling back, talking back, confronting people on their use of 'the r-word' - they may stop. And those around us will know, and be educated, and instead of my daughter being afraid to bring her friends to her home, I want her to be proud and happy of her family, unafraid and unembarrassed, but also aware and educated. I want to apologize to you for hurting you, but I can't apologize for my blog because it's MY truth and to do so would be hypocritical. Owen makes my heart sing everyday, I do not regret him. Ever.


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