Friday, January 6, 2012

Letters to the Editor, Bay State Parent, January 2012

I wrote the blog  "BACKLASH"  about a month and a half ago, in retaliation and response to the few complaints I received.  I was hurt. But now, eh, I'm (mostly) over it, but more than that I'm also fascinated.  I'm just trying to say honestly how I feel, and that angers people.  Strangers, people I know, people I kind-of know, facebook 'friends', I'm offending and angering people.  Interesting.  

Yet, why be surprised when what was designed to provoke actually does?! Why be surprised it angers people, confuses people, when people don't 'get it'?  Can't please 'em all.  Thicker skin, New Year's Resolution.  Life resolution.

The many, many letters of support I received from strangers, friends, people I 'kinda' or 'used to' know, facebook friends - those outnumbered the complaints by many, (um like 3 to a million? Well maybe 5 to a million by now?) and every letter was another motivator to keep going, keep writing, keep it real and raw.  Every letter another morsel of food to a starving soul. Thanks peeps.

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  1. Some of these people are too fucking uptight


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