Friday, November 2, 2012

Love and Marriage

Included in this months Bay State Parent Magazine is an article by yours truly entitled "Marriage: A Casualty of Living with Special Needs - OR NOT?"  It includes statistics, resources, and interviews with the fabulous Hamburger and Jackson families, both of whom are local families and ones I consider friends.  I also briefly cover 'my own story' -   it's a family magazine people, gotta keep it 'Rated G'.  And to also respect the privacy of 'others' (cough cough).

Click on the link here to read.  You must flip through the on-line magazine to get to it, it is on page 30!!!

Included is a family photo (the same as the one on my blog) by the always phenomenal, patient and talented photographer Shawna Shenette.  She is a freakin miracle worker.  Owen was a NIGHTMARE during the shoot (really, I just scheduled it for Christmas cards and it bizarrely coincided with my editor's request for that article - she REQUESTED I write it, let me add, I didn't volunteer that topic!).  He was crying, kicking, resisting - a total nightmare - and yet somehow he (sorta, barely) calmed down and of course Shawna got SEVERAL phenomenal shots! An hour after the shoot, we were out to dinner with his godparents, and Auntie Jenny pointed out he didn't look too hot - he was BURNING UP with fever! Within 48 hours he had been diagnosed with strep.  NO WONDER he was such misery! So in that picture that is included - is my little boy burning up with fever, yet still smiling.  Love him.  And of course, my always outgoing and dramatic B- when I told her we would have another picture in BayState Parent she replied, "AGAIN?"  Oh yes B, big sigh, fame, don't give me your false protestations! She's quite the little character.

And let me add I just love this photo of me and the kids - summarizes us perfectly - B's flair for the dramatic, Owen snuggling into me, me kissing him, and my arms wrapped protectively around both.  My munchkins, my blessings, my everything.

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