Monday, December 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures.

 "Other people" don't undestand the joy we get from simple pleasures at Christmas.  This year, we had many.  Owen loved the tree, would point, sign "tree," and say 'teeeeeeeeee! oooooohhhh!'
He could identify Santa, but when asked if he wanted Santa to come bring presents, he would shake his head, look concerned and say "Nooooooooooooo no no no."  I couldn't blame him for not wanting some big furry stranger breaking into the house at night.  Simple pleasure, awareness of Christmas. 

Owen did great at his grandparents' house on Christmas Eve, even though he had hardly napped and the place was packed.  He ended up crushing on cousin Patrick's girlfriend Samantha and cozied up to her on the couch.  He really does make his own friends, and it's always interesting to see who he prefers.  Simple pleasure, a normal night with family.

Christmas morning, he opened quite a few gifts willingly with the help of Daddy.  Some he had picked out (talking Cookie Monster, Sesame Street House) so it was a given he would love them, but he was also THRILLED to receive more musical instruments. It was great to see him excited and willing to open some gifts.  It took most of the day to open gifts - after a good amount in the morning, he would occasionally return to open another.  Simple pleasure, excitement of gifts.

Bridget's school has an annual 'holiday shop' where she is able to independently pick out and buy gifts for everyone.  She picked out a teddy wearing a Patriots jersey for Owen - and this is my favorite picture of all, because of the delight he showed for the gift, and the happiness she received giving it to him.  Simple pleasure...the love between my children. 

 For Christmas, Bridget gave us a book she had made at school about her family (birthdays omitted to protect the innocent.) 

On the page about her dad she wrote "My dad's name is Derick but I call him Dad. He is the best dad in the whole universe! My dad likes to play Legos with me. He builds awesome things. My dad reads me a story every night.  He brings my family on the best vacations in the world - it's called Cape Cod."

On the page about me she wrote "My mom's name is Kathleen, but I call her Mom.  I love her to a star and back! I love her because she lets me have girls' days.  She would make a great queen.  My mom is good at making cakes and cupcakes.  My  mom is a counselor.  She helps kids.  I feel proud of my mom."  I cried.  

"But B, why would I make a good queen?"  "Because you are pretty, and nice, and you have good rules." 

The page about Owen reads "My brother's name is Owen.  He is 3 years old.  I like to play tag with him. Owen likes to play in water.  Owen loves me and I love him! Owen loves trucks and his family.  Owen loves to go for walk and when me and Owen and Dad go for a walk Owen wants to stop at a bench to watch cars trucks and motorcycles.  He is the best! "   

Simple pleasures, pure love of her family. 

 Merry Christmas and warm Holiday Wishes to everyone, from our family to yours, 
thanks for taking part in our journey. 
May you appreciate your own everyday simple pleasures. 


  1. Love this! & so happy to hear you had a great Xmas! Lucy had a rough start to Xmas Eve at my Mom's & I was worried she would miss out all together. Thankfully she napped there & woke up for an hour to open gifts (happily!). Christmas morning, we felt the same way. Dave & I couldn't stop mentioning how proud of her we were that she was getting the concept of opening the gifts & did a great job! (& she wasn't just obsessing over the wrapping paper!!!). Merry Xmas!

  2. Yay Elisha! Glad Lucy had a fun Christmas, the best of gifts!

  3. Thank you! (I am just seeing this now :( I don't get alerts about other comments. Is there a way to set that up??)


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